Have you ever wondered what causes the black streaks on your roof?  Those black streaks are a very hardy variety of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  Algae cells create a dark pigment which serves to protect the gloeocapsa magma from the direct sun.  This dark coloring also hinders your roof’s ability to reflect sunlight which adds to the heat in your home.  When gloeocapsa magma is left to grow on your roof it will eventually join with a fungus to create lichen, which is a composite organism.

Lichen being a composite organism takes many forms. There are about 20,000 known species of lichen.  Many lichens are long lived (one Arctic lichen has been dated at 8,600 years) and can easily survive longer than your roof.  They can live without water for very long periods of time.  During these dry spells the lichen tend to harden, becoming crusty.  This in itself can be damaging to your shingles.

Lichen will grow between, under and on top of the shingles. It can separate the shingles or push them up allowing water to get beneath the shingles.  The purpose of shingles is to protect your roof from this water.  Therefore, it is very important to have your roof cleaned to prevent this whole process from occurring.

Insurance and Warranties

The vast majority of homeowners have homeowner’s insurance and if you have replaced your roof you probably have a warranty on your roof as well.  One thing many home owners are not aware of is that if you do not properly maintain your roof the warranty is no good.  Many homeowner’s policies are the same way.

The fine print on the warranty on your roof very possibly details that maintenance is required for the warranty to be good. Proper maintenance includes having your roof cleaned.  To put it bluntly most homeowner’s policies and roof warranties will not cover roofs with lichen and often even gloeocapsa magma is enough to negate the warranty.

Why is Cleaning My Roof Important?

Asphalt shingle roofs are usually warrantied for anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime.  If the shingles are not cleaned periodically the shingles are subject to damage caused by premature deterioration from things like algae, moss and lichen.  Also, leaves or other debris can collect behind your chimney, roof top HVAC system or other piping.  Accumulation of leaves or debris can cause moisture retention which can lead to deterioration of the shingles as well as being a breeding ground for mold, algae and lichen.  Moisture, algae, moss and lichen all contribute to premature deterioration of your shingles.  No company warranty is going to want to cover a situation that is caused by neglect.

Why Shouldn’t I Clean My Roof Myself?

Many of your outdoor cleaning jobs can be done by the homeowner even when it is recommended to use a professional.  However, for cleaning your roof it is very important to use a professional.

A professional pressure washer understands all the details that most people are unaware of.  For example, there are specific amounts of water pressure that should be used. The hose should be held a specific distance from the shingles.  There are even certain angles to hold the hose that are best for your shingles.  Some cleaners work better than others depending on your particular situation.

Shingle roof tops should be walked on as little as possible. A professional knows how to get the job done with little, and in some cases, no foot traffic on your roof.

Are There Other Benefits of Having My Roof Cleaned?

Other than maintaining your home insurance and roof warranty in good standing there are several other benefits in having a clean roof. Obviously, the appearance of a clean roof is a plus.  Besides the health and beauty of your roof, the mold on your rooftop can spread. That mold can also cause people with asthma or other lung issues to have bad reactions.  Mold in general is not good for human health.

How Will CK1 Pressure Washing Clean My Roof?

CK1 will assess your situation to see if you have mold, moss, lichen, debris or just need a basic cleaning job in order to prevent these things from occurring.  Once Christopher has evaluated your situation, he will schedule a time with you for the actual cleaning appointment.

When Christopher cleans your roof, he uses a soft wash system that eliminates the possibility of damage to your roof. Loose debris like leaves are removed then the roof is treated with a cleaner that kills all of the mold, algae and lichen.  The roof is then inspected a second time to make sure there are no spots that did not get completely clean.  If there are any spots that need to be recleaned it will be done right away.

When the job is complete your roof will look like new and the receipt is proof to warranty and insurance companies that you did in fact take care of your roof.

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