Soft Washing Wood

Soft Washing Wood

A beautiful wood deck or fence can be visually appealing additions to any yard. And when you are entertaining family and friends, few places are better for a gathering than outside on your wood deck. However, over time your wood may begin to show signs of wear, dirt, and stains. Exposure to harsh weather and rain (as well as daily foot traffic) means dirt, debris, and decay. If the wood is left unattended for too long, those dirty spots will become harmful black growth, which can lead to more than a simple cleaning project.

Wood that has been exposed to weather can often accumulate organic growth such as algae, lichen, and moss. These growths create dark stains on your wood – and they also accelerated the decay of your wood. Essentially, the growth will create holes and gaps in your wood, rotting it from the inside out. If it is allowed to continue, it will quickly shorten the lifespan of your wood fence or deck, leading to costly repair or replacement projects.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem that is easy on your time and finances. When you need to get your wood fence and deck looking its best again, give us a call at CK1 Pressure Washing to schedule our professional soft wash wood cleaning service.

At CK1 Pressure Washing, we have perfected our soft washing system to effectively clean your wood fence and deck without using harmful chemicals or destructive high-powered pressure washing. Our licensed technicians use our soft washing system, a unique blend of fresh water and bio-degradable cleaning solutions specially designed for the needs of your wood deck and fence.

Because we use soft washing methods, we get to the heart of the problem, and our cleaning products effectively destroy and eliminate organic growth and dark, unsightly stains. Our work is guaranteed, and our technicians will walk you through every step of the process, from your initial free estimate to your completed wood cleaning service.

Our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction are qualities that set us apart as leaders in soft washing services in McDonough. If you are ready to bring your wood fence or deck back to life, give us a call today at CK1 Pressure Washing. We will be happy to help you.

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