oil stain improvement

oil stain improvement

At CK1 Pressure Washing, we understand the frustration that can come with oil stains on concrete surfaces. Oil stains can be unsightly and difficult to remove, but our team has the expertise and equipment to lighten and improve the look of these stains. However, it is important to note that currently, it is not possible to completely remove an oil stain.

The reason for this is that concrete is a porous material with many microscopic holes. When oil spills onto concrete, it can penetrate these holes and stain the inside walls. This makes it impossible to remove the stain completely as the oil has seeped deep into the pores of the concrete. 

To remove an oil stain, the best option is to clean the stain and then stain the entire concrete surface with a color stain or paint of your choice from a paint store like Sherwin Williams. This will cover up the stain and give your concrete a fresh, new look.


Local body shops such as Express Oil Change in McDonough and Locust Grove call CK1 Pressure Washing to clean up oil spills for them. Our team is experienced in handling these types of spills and will work quickly and efficiently to remove as much of the oil stain as possible.

In conclusion, we at CK1 Pressure Washing can lighten and improve the look of oil stains and know you will be happy with the work we will do for your home or your business. Give us a call today to get started! 


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