Clean Concrete Brightens Your Curb Appeal

How CK1 Cleans Driveways A clean driveway makes a huge difference in the curb appeal of a home or business.  Whether you are selling your home, wanting to appeal to customers or just like your property to look good, a clean driveway is vital. When...

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The Importance of Roof Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what causes the black streaks on your roof?  Those black streaks are a very hardy variety of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  Algae cells create a dark pigment which serves to protect the gloeocapsa magma from the...

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Soft Washing Your Home

Sometimes homeowners hire a service provider only to realize that they don’t truly know what to expect from that provider.  To ensure you are not put in that situation with CK1 Pressure Washing, I am going to walk you through the process we use...

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About CK1 Pressure Washing

CK1 Pressure Washing believes in cleaning and servicing your home as we would want our own homes to be cleaned. We perform quality pressure washing and home improvement at affordable prices.

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